Posted by: pingwing | September 24, 2007

Today I came across, first anime database site which doesn’t hurt my eyes. They even use some AJAX controls. No banners. Quality screenshots. Just a site I like it. It has a little less content then but the whole thing definitely makes up for it.

They have a feature just like where you can keep track of your series. On it frustrates the hell out of me so i stopped it after adding like 5 series. On I actually managed to add all the series I could remember watching! WTF. Ok it took me like more then 2 hours but the result is there.

BTW also a really cool feature: Recommended anime series. I guess its one of the main features of the site, but it rocks.

Check out my profile at:

You can also create banners like this (updated live from my profile):
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You can also customize the background and such but I didn’t bother to do that. Its already shocking enough how much time I spend on watching anime. 😀

Posted by: pingwing | September 23, 2007

Souten no Ken

On of the actual reasons for to start this blog is that I wanted to blog about Souten no Ken. According to its a prequel to Hokuto no Ken. If you didn’t like Hokuto no Ken or didn’t see it at all don’t stop yourself from watching Souten no Ken. Its different and although the story is connected I don’t think it matters too much, its pretty straight forward. I didn’t watch Hokuto no Ken for more then 6 episodes myself (got bored quite quickly).

Ok so what the hell is it about? Someone who gets pissed off a bit because some gang killed off his old buddies. By accident the guy is also a “Hokuto Shinken” master. He can do pretty neat tricks with it. If you think you miss the story, the do a lot of flashbacks so don’t worry.

Also important to note is that the animations look much better then the old Hokuto no Ken.


He has a very sharp nose 🙂

He is quick with knife and fork

He is quick with knife and fork

He smokes

He smokes

Basically you just do not want to mess with him

Basically you just do not want to mess with him

Posted by: pingwing | September 23, 2007

the pingwingnator is here

I will start blogging here today! Welcome.  I decided to start this at since it will save me a lot of effort. Lets first see how serious it will turn about before fixing everything up privately.

The theme is also quite nice. Actually calms me down. Its in the stock list of themes so that was easy. 🙂

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