Posted by: pingwing | October 6, 2008

First round of episodes, anime season fall 2008 (highschool series)

I blogged earlier about the new anime series starting this fall. Now they actually started! In the last few days many Episode 1’s got fansubbed.

Luckily (?) last weekend was really rainy so I was able to check most of them!

Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka
Not bad. Not very special either. Highschool boy which has a bad reputation (as Geno Killer, mean ass delinquent), which is actually some misunderstood boy. Lives together with his sister and kisses some cute rich girl in a misunderstanding. As a result she considers herself his fiance and she moves in with him. Looking at the end of episode 1 he is completely fine with this (I guess he is nuts).

Basically a high school comedy which has to potential to end up in the “harem” category. The only thing what makes me a little curious is the real story behind getting the name “Geno Killer”. Super cool martial arts? super power? something lame? Will need many rainy days to get tempted to find out.

Highschool kid cuts out a statue from a cut down sacred tree and just before he wants to show off his masterpiece the statue turns into a girl, who is actually a goddess!!! Ofcourse she has no idea of modern society and she has to move in with him because she has nowhere to go!!! He even has some special power so he has to help her clean up “infections”! What a storyline!

So the storyline is not orginal but hey it is not a bad comedy. So if you like the genre, I guess its good. For myself, no idea yet if I will continue. Better chance for this one then Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka.

Also a highschool comedy. Starring a bunch of wacky girls. It doesnt seem to be a all-girl school, but in ep1 the only focus is on girls. Different kind of humour then the other two. Seems to be worth out checking ep2 so far. The characters seem to be well done, more unique.

I guess this is ALSO a highschool comedy, but I guess I saved the best one for last. Its about a highschool kid which has the face of a killer. Which works really well, because many are automatically scared of him. Presumably he looks like that because his mom married a gangster (who is now passed away). He carries quite te burden, taking care of his mom (which is some bar hostess/prostitute style) which seems somewhat mentally challenged. šŸ˜‰ In episode 1 he meets some abusive girl who also cannot take care of herself and apparently he feels the responsiblity to fix her up (bad idea if you ask me :)).

I like this one. Probably will watch more.


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