Posted by: pingwing | September 22, 2008

Detriot Metal City

Ok, I really need to blog about this anime. I normally do not watch “Music” anime’s. The only thing I avoid more is “sports” anime. But this series really surprised me. It is totally nuts in a good way. πŸ™‚

Its about a kid from the farmland, Negishi, who leaves to Tokyo to study(?) and play in a band. He actually likes some very gay lame music but somehow he ended up in a metal band. Which is totally the opposite.

Now I do not know the metal scene well, because its not my kind of music but I think even for metal its quite over the top. Which is really cool ofcourse. Negishi gets a sort of dual personality. Normally he is a wuss, but as soon as he gets into the DMC-feeling he turns into Krauser II and goes mad. πŸ™‚

He runs from one situation into the other. Split between two worlds. Desperately grasping to his “gay” world which he dreams of so much, but completely failing at it, ending as a complete loser everytime VS the metal world, where he is super cool, even if its by accident sometimes. The comments and stupidity of his metal fans also deserve an applause, very well done.

There is more to the story, just watch. In any case I would like to recommend this series, I even started to like the intro. πŸ™‚

DMC on stage with the Kintama Girls

DMC on stage with the Kintama Girls

Negishi dreaming about his "gay" world

Negishi dreaming about his gay world

Krauser II - Screenshot from the intro

Krauser II - Screenshot from the intro


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