Posted by: pingwing | September 13, 2008

Bounen no Xamdou

Pretty cool intro. Takes place in some world where a south and northern government are fighting for control. Fantasy and such involved. Airships, people that transform into a sort of colorful battle monster. Humanforms which are a bit similar that are used for military purposes.

The main story is about Akiyuki, a highschool kid who gets special powers after encountering a “Xam’d”, because of that he is forced to leave the island he grew up and his adventures seem to start.

How everything is connected is still a bit vague till now but I like it. I never finished eureka 7 but it seems to have a lot of things familiar in story and atmosphere. But Bounen no Xamdou has a much pace and you got the humanforms ofcourse. Recommended.

Mysterius girl who changes Akiyuki's fate

Captain of the ship taking aim

Captian can aim very well 😉

scene from bounen no xamdou episode 7

Scene from Bounen no Xamdou episode 7



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